YAY THAI cafe is open in Brosko Mall, the main shopping center of Khabarovsk. Before that, we worked on two other projects for this brand — a small corner at the food court and a street cafe on the seashore. But in this project the location is more serious in spirit than both previous sites. Therefore, the visual language of the brand has been refined to better match the location.

We chose light plywood as the main finishing material for high walls to add more warmth to the entire open space. The metal flags covered with graphics have also changed there and turned into light fabric flags — this helped visually lower the ceiling in the central area and make it more intimate.

The geometry of space has become more complicated. We placed the seating area as far from the entrance as possible to create a new context of the location. There is a podium on both sides of the bar. This also helped make the vertical of the space more complex and to level the height of the seating — the visitors and staff of the cafe are located at the same eye level here, which is quite rare for a cafe.

The lime color in this project has become more lively. A long groove along the entire bar is painted green — napkins and cutlery are stored there, which, thanks to their placement at the level below, seem to fall into the insides of the bar. Green ticker letters also appeared in the kitchen area in the form of a mosaic.

The main thing of the entrance area was juicy blue — one of the brand's signature colors and a reference to the sea from the previous project. The entrance area is lined with tall tropical plants in blue pots that frame the "hanging wardrobe" to the left of the entrance. The same color accentuates the area with three metal tables and vertical ticker lines. It is located in the corner of the location right at its entrance so that the maximum view from the shopping center space opens up to it.

The experimentation and spontaneity of working on all three projects have helped us create a brand that is constantly changing depending on the space. It can be small and dark, or it can be spacious and bright — this variability is inherent in its character.