The cost of a design project depends on the area of the space. The design project includes drawings, visualizations, and specifications.

As a result, you get a detailed album document. It includes all the information for everyone involved in the implementation process — builders, showroom representatives, and other contractors. Here is a complete list of what is included in the design project (pdf).

With our nine years of experience, we know what a good design project should be like.
On average, the development of a design project takes 3 months.

We work in stages because it's convenient for predicting deadlines and gradual work to achieve specific results. You pay 50% after the execution of the contract, the rest of the payment is made before every new stage of work.
The layout is central to a design project. This is the main illustration which reflects the arrangement of furniture and equipment, taking all measures into account. All further design decisions rely on and refer to it.
To develop the layout, we proceed to the property and make accurate measurements, investigate the facility, and find out all the technical features of the premises.

After that, we, together with the client, fill out a detailed brief. After filling out the brief, we discuss the details of the future project.
The next stage is the creation of the concept, which we prepare in the form of a presentation.

Here we include ideas that will then become the future interior. The presentation includes illustrations, sketches, color schemes, collages, graphics, an initial selection of materials, and sometimes examples from other interiors.

All this helps visually express whether we understand the feelings that you want to get from your interior correctly.
After that, we begin to develop the 3D visualization — a set of photorealistic images of the interior.

At this stage, we visualize all our conceptual ideas and planning concepts. These ready-made 3D visualizations help you see exactly what the future interior will be like.
A stage that's invisible for you but very important for builders. We do the final calculations carefully so that we get the most detailed instructions for the implementation of the project.

The depth of drawings outworking is different for different designers. We try to have them as specified as possible — they answer all the builders' questions before they start the works.

Then we make specifications based on the drawings so you can calculate the budget and terms or pass them to the contractors for estimation.

Our projects often have customized items, so the drawings also contain all the information for the workshops.
Specifications are documents that contain complete information about everything that will need to be purchased to implement a project.

They include design elements, finishing materials, furniture, lighting, electrics, and other interior details. These are the final documents that turn ideas into reality
After making the design project, we proceed to its implementation. We will handle most of the work issues with builders ourselves.

You will need to coordinate certain decisions in time and provide the necessary resources.
The project implementation support service is required so that the real interior turns out to be the same as 3D visualizations.
The cost of this service is estimated depending on the complexity of the project.
The complexity is determined by analyzing the following factors: area, the purpose of the object, the number of design objects, the complexity of design solutions, the number of contractors, location of the object, composition of the working group.

The project implementation service includes:
  1. Designer supervision
  2. Drawings adjustment
  3. Participation in the coordination of the project
  4. Budgeting and procurement schedule
  5. Site visiting
  6. Reporting and communication
  7. Work with builders
  8. Working with related organizations and suppliers
  9. Search and attraction of experts from creative industries
  10. Joint development of custom solutions with manufacturing organizations
More details about each stage
of our project implementation (pdf).

But before proceeding with the implementation of the project, it is necessary to develop the design of the future interior
About design project development
Together with us, you will go a long way from the development of a design project to its implementation. Here is a step-by-step guide describing how it will go
Download the guidebook