88 sq. m

This wooden house is surrounded by thick forest and is located away from the city. It became an ideal private resort for the client: he could stay here alone and go hunting wherever he wants. This is the client’s second home, he lives here from time to time.

The spacious living room with a small kitchen area became a center of this house. One can go to the bedroom or find their way to the terrace from here. The project offers a large bathroom with shower, so that one can set themself in order after long forest walks.

Functionally, there is nothing unnecessary in the space of the house. There is a small rack in the living room, which is used for storing artifacts and relics that have sentimental value to the owner of the house.

A large number of natural materials was used in the interior, so that nature does not end outside the windows, but continues in the space of the house. Natural parquet is laid on the floor of the living area, and decorative stone became the accent material. Thanks to the panoramic windows located around the perimeter of the house, it is filled with natural light everywhere, even in the bathroom.

High illumination of the space is balanced by dark shades of finishing materials, creating a feeling of intimacy. The main lighting system is hidden in the beams, so the soft light in the evening looks like it is suspended in the air. Textiles also strive for natural shades.

The interior has become a real reflection of the inner world of the client. The space inside echoes the forest outside the walls of the house, while remaining modern and functional. Design solutions and decorative elements are rhymed in different parts of the house, making everything there interconnected.